Scientific Center for Medical and Biotechnical Research

In April 2015 we celebrated 20 years after the establishment of the National Scientific Center for Medical and Biotechnical Research of NAS of Ukraine (NSCMBR). Center succeeded the Department of Medicine Sciences of NAS of Ukraine, and so initially it established close relations with institutions of NASU, Ministry of Public Health, Academy of Medical Sciences, some other research organizations in Ukraine and abroad. The latter was due to the fact that one of the main activities of NSCMBR was to study and introduce international experience of joint biomedical research. This work was carried out in three areas:

- with Oxford International Biomedical Center, headed by Professor Ch.Pasternak, a Memorandum of Understanding was prepared and signed;
- with Eastern Branch of UNIDO on biotechnology a work was carried out to develop the principles and bases for pan-European harmonization of legislation in the field of safety of genetic engineering;
- with German Center for Biotechnology (Braunschweig), a leading institution in the planning and coordination of biomedical and biotechnological research in Germany, where our staff had training on the NATO programme "Management of science and science policy".

Through this activity the cooperation between a number of institutions of NAS and NAMS of Ukraine with foreign partners, particularly on programs INTAS, INCO-Copernicus and NATO Science Programme has been established and deepened The Center actively participated in organizing exhibitions, series of workshops, international conferences, including the NATO Advanced Research Workshops.

Scientists of NSCMBR were involved in the formation and coordination of state scientific and technical programs (1996-2000) aimed at creating new medical equipment, medical supplies, essential medicines as well as the design and development of biomaterials for artificial organs.

In 1998 the Committee on Bioethics of NAS of Ukraine, headed by Academician Yu.I.Kundiyev, was created. National Scientific Center for Medical and Biotechnical Research was appointed the basic organization for activities of the Committee. The Center was actively involved in this work and in September 2001 together with the Institute for Occupational Health organized and held in Kiev the First National Congress on Bioethics. Congress reaffirmed the importance and urgency of work aimed at implementing the principles of bioethics in Ukraine. It was decided to hold such forums every three years. For today the Center staff participated in organizing and conducting six National Congresses on Bioethics.

The result of the First Congress was the development of “Code of Ethics of physician of Ukraine” and "General ethical principles of animal experimentation". Pursuant to the resolution of the Second Congress (2004) mandatory bioethics expertise of the doctoral and master's theses on Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Biology and Veterinary was introduced. According to the recommendations of the Third Congress (2007) it was developed a "Code of Ethics of scientist of Ukraine", which was approved at the General Meeting of NAS of Ukraine. Fourth Congress (2010) attracted the attention of researchers and the general public to the need for priority study of security issues in the implementation of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. The Fifth Congress (2013) focused on the legal aspects of health care and improving health law.

On the results of congresses several books were published: "Anthology of bioethics", "Modern problems of bioethics" and "Present and bioethics". The Center staff actively participated in preparing them. Based on recent congresses decisions the Center held three international seminars "Ethics of nanotechnology and nanosafety" to discuss such important topics as humanitarian and legal aspects of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, their safety concerns for human health and the environment, bioethical aspects of research on nanopharmacology and nanopharmaceutics, education in the field of nanomedicine and more. In this regard Center staff conducted a work aimed at the preparation and adoption of the "national nanocode" which would cover not only the ethical aspects but also questions of nanosafety, public awareness and establishing civilized relations between producers of nanomaterials and its customers.

In 2008 the Center joined Laboratory of mathematical modeling of nonlinear processes, the main focus of which is the study of so-called "chimeric" conditions typical for many disorders of nervous system and possible ways of their stabilization. Results of laboratory studies used to develop novel therapies for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease and other neurological problems.

In the same year, the website of NSCMBR was developed and posted on the Internet: The site provides information on the structure and operation of the Center and the Committee on Bioethics, the main directions of cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations working in the field of biomedicine and bioethics.

In 2011 - 2014 the Center (supported by the State Foundation for Basic Research of Ukraine) performed jointly with A.D.Sakharov International State Ecological University (Minsk, Belarus) the research project on developing criteria for evaluation of ethical aspects of new nanomaterials and nanotechnology in biomedicine. As a result of the project, a conceptual model of nanoethics was created in the context of trans-disciplinary research in medicine, biology and human ecology.

The staff of the Center published more than 100 scientific publications in Ukrainian and foreign editions, including monographs, recommendations and guidelines.

In 2011 the Center launched the work of the National Contact Point (NCP) "Health" of the EU Seventh Framework Program (since 2014 named NCP “Health, demographic change and well-being " and related to the EU Programme Horizon 2020). The main objective of NCP was and remains to increase efficiency of joint investigations with leading research centers of the EU. This work includes the provision of Ukrainian scientists and research organizations timely information and qualified advisory and methodological assistance in finding domestic and foreign partners to prepare proposals, contract negotiations etc.

Now the main scientific activities of the Center are:

Work of the Center in all these areas is conducted in collaboration with international organizations and is aimed at harmonizing the interaction with the European Union.

In 2016, the Center has changed its name and is now called the State Institution "Scientific Center for Medical and Biotechnical Research of the NAS of Ukraine".
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