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National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

National Scientific Centre for Medical and Biotechnical Research


National Scientific Centre for Medical and Biotechnical Research

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National Scientific Centre for Medical and Biotechnical Research (NSCMBR) at the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine is created according to the Decision of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine from 21.04.95 № 114. NSCMBR has the status of scientifically-coordination body and works according to the main tasks and directions of activity fixed in the Statutes of the Center:
— Assistance to scientific workings out of NAS of Ukraine institutions in the field of biomedicine, in creation of medical products, materials, devices and technological equipment of medical appointment based on the use of modern achievements and with observance of bioethical standards and principles.
— The organisation of corresponding joint scientific investigations of the NAS of Ukraine with other ministries and departments, including foreign ones.
— Development of recommendations concerning priority directions of activity in the field of biomedicine and bioethics.
— Assistance to participation of Ukraine in international cooperation on bioethical and biomedical issues and performance of corresponding obligations which come up from the international contracts.

Staff of the Centre consists of 19 employees, including 15 researchers. Director of the Centre — Dr. Mykola Chaschin.

Two affiliated divisions work on the base of the Centre:

Bioethics Committee of NAS of Ukraine, created according to the Decision of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine from 13.07.98 № 278. Since 2007 the Committee carries out the functions of scientific board of the Centre (the Decision of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine from 7.11.07 № 288) and performs the coordination of activity of branch committees and commissions on bioethics, unites scientists for the decision of basic problems in the field of bioethics in Ukraine, co-operates with the International committee on bioethics and national committees of other countries, represents the Ukrainian scientists in international scientific organisations. Professor Yu. Kundiev is the head of Committee.

Laboratory of mathematical modelling of nonlinear processes which has been created by the Order of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine from 29.12.07 № 846. Dr V.L.Maistrenko is the head of laboratory.
Since 2001 the Centre (Committee) is a member of the Forum for Ethics Committees in the Commonwealth of Independent States (FECCIS), which purpose is to promote bioethics development in the region of CIS, paying special attention to ethics in biomedical research involving human subjects, and also the organisation of wide dialogue with different partners which take part in ethical review.

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